About TransferXL

TransferXL is the easiest, fastest, and most beautiful way to transfer and share your files over the internet.

How it works

Just three simple steps:

  • Select or drag and drop your files or folders.
  • Provide your own email address and of one or more persons that you want to send to.
  • Optionally type a message and press the Transfer button.


TransferXL offers the following benefits:


  • No need to log in.
  • Uploads are limited to 200 GB (5 GB without subscription).
  • Emails show thumbnails for photos and videos.
  • Drag and drop support including folders (Chrome only).
  • Get a time line of all the transfers you send or receive.


  • Client side compression for shorter uploads.
  • Selective downloads, just download the files you need.


  • Client side encryption for secure file transfers.
  • Determine the region in the world where your data is stored.
  • Manage your upload in the cloud, just add or delete files.